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Industry Paper

The SoDA Report On…The State of Workflow Management

Fascinating Insight and Perceptions Revealed

In the release of The SoDA Report On… The State of Agency Workflow Management, Deltek teamed up with SoDA to understand creative agencies’ perspective on the state of agency workflow management, business processes and tools.

Download the report now to learn more about the fascinating insight on key issues that agencies are facing, the challenges they need to address, and the “true” state of workflow management tools and solutions.

Is your Agency using a Project Management Solution

The Adoption of Technologies is Promising

80% of the marketing agencies surveyed report that they use project/workflow management tools. While higher than expected, the results revealed the use of a variety of tools, including collaboration tools like Basecamp; stand-alone project management with Microsoft Project as well as more comprehensive workflow and resource management solutions.

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  • I welcome the arrival of the “tool to rule the world.” For the time being, our most valuable insights and results have come from clarity around needs, clear accountability and process, and a commitment to data integrity.

Workflow Management & Industry Benchmarks

As it relates to profitability, resource utilization and real-time business metrics, workflow management and industry benchmarks need to be closely defined and aligned. You will see in this data driven report and as several of the industries contributors acknowledge, there is no “perfect tool.” However, we can measure and monitor best-in-class agency performance as a guideline to set expectations for workflow management solutions.

Nestled deeply within vision and mission, somewhere in the realms between strategy and the day-to-day workings of the business, is the agency’s heart. It pumps on operational effectiveness and efficiencies.
Michael Polivka, Principal of Operations at JUXT & Mike Au‎, Director of Production at JUXT

The Industry Remains Optimistic of their Future

Of those agencies that are currently using some type of project management solution, 64% are fairly to extremely certain in the sustainability of their business model for the next 5 years —leaving only 36% that are not that certain or certain at all. While there are still challenges in workflow management for this industry, agencies are investing the time and energy to improve their processes, empower their creative teams to be more productive, and looking for ways to continue to drive profitability- even when faced with the “cheaper, faster, better” mind-set of clients.

The Industry Remains Optimistic of their Future

Project Management Solutions Top Three Areas of Impact


Technology proves valuable to profit growth. 51% of the agencies using some type of “project management solution” stated an overall net profit increase.


38% of agencies using some type of “Project management solution” are claiming an increase of 11% or more.

Visibility & Reporting

Agencies are placing an emphasis on visibility into resource availability and reporting. This is the number one priority for 68% of respondents.

The State of Workflow Management Revealed

Listen as SoDA and Deltek reveal the research findings, conducted by Gotham Research Group, on the debut of The SoDA Report On...The State of Agency Workflow Management. Hear more about the creative agency’s perspective and listen to more detail on the key issues that agencies face, the challenges they need to address, and delivers valuable insight into the current state of workflow management.


If you want to learn more about how agency management software technology can help you respond to change and flourish in the ever changing digital world – contact us today.

“Through our industry knowledge and world-class solutions, Deltek addresses the challenges that creative agencies face on a daily basis, and we work closely with agencies to ensure they are successful and profitable. This landmark SoDA survey identifies key challenges firms are currently facing – and while profits are on the rise, there are still gaps in project management and workflow management that can be addressed with better processes and tools that can help drive overall agency profitability” said Patrick Smith, SVP of Marketing at Deltek.