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Protecting Margins Under Threat

Why getting ahead of industry changes is key

Firms need to evolve to protect profit margins

In a tougher market, professional services firms will need to be agile, responding more quickly to new opportunities and threats. Firms may also need to expand in some markets and scale back in others.

How Emerging Tech is Changing Business Models

Attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum discuss the impact that digitalisation and emerging technologies will have on the business models of Professional Services Firms.

Who are firms losing business to today?

Threats to professional services firms are real. Market entrants are blossoming, challenging the incumbent players, and innovative technologies are disrupting the market. Finally, regulatory and talent-management challenges won’t simply go away. Firms that get ahead of the curve and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead will be better placed to retain market share and drive profitability.

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What are the threats to profit margins?

Over 1 in 3

firms globally are currently losing business to boutique providers


of COOs say providing more value at the same cost is one of the biggest challenges


globally are losing business to commoditized solution providers

“Clients hold more sway than in the past, demanding greater value and flexibility at lower prices. This has hit margins.”

Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry

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