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Taming Project Complexity

Firms are now expected to deliver more for less

Delivering profitable projects is more difficult

As professional services firms grapple with an array of problems, delivering projects profitably has become more difficult. Globalization adds to the problem, as firms increasingly deliver projects in other countries via multiple subcontractors.

Digitalisation and Project Management

Hear from Ben Grinnell, Managing Director at North Highland, at the Digital Leaders Forum as he discusses the reasons many firms are struggling with digitalisation and what they need to do in order to remain current and competitive.

Project management goals over the next 12 months

Firms need a good understanding of their projects in terms of expected costs, schedules, risk, required resources, and revenues. This allows teams to focus their resources appropriately and maximize efficiency.

Firms are struggling to handle complex projects


globally do not get paid for all change requests


globally do not feel prepared to meet customer needs


see responding effectively to client demands as one of their top three challenges

“The rate of failure for complex projects is high, so it is incumbent upon senior leaders to ensure that projects are well managed.”

Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry

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