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People Planning in a Time of Shortage

People planning is a key challenge for firms

Firms need the right talent at the right time

In the digital age, professional services firms require younger workers with new skill-sets but competition to recruit them is fierce. Firms need a strategy to tackle this thorny issue.

Why Talent and Tech are Keys to Success

Ross Williamson, Managing Partner at Wipro Consulting, discusses why he feels that investing in talent and technology are key if professional services firms want to remain profitable, competitive and successfully navigate industry changes and challenges.

What can firms do to attract top talent?

Embrace New Technologies

Firms should become “digital champions” – embracing new technologies to remain relevant to prospective employees


Empowering staff to make decisions about their work and training them for new tasks can improve employee engagement

Crack Resource

Firms need to implement the systems and enable the visibility needed to plan their human capital needs in advance

“Firms need a 360-degree view of their project pipelines, and of the capacity and skills needed to deliver them.”

Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry

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