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Emerging Tech

Are CEOs in Denial?

Are CEOs out of touch with their firm’s needs?

Business leaders have been slow to react to the wave of technological change sweeping the industry. There is a clear divide between how those on the ground perceive the importance of emerging technologies and what senior leaders are planning to do.

Digital Transformation - What’s holding CEOs back?

Only 19% of the C-Suite at Professional Services Firms are predicting they will be digitally advanced in the next five years. Hear from attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum as they discuss what they think is holding firms back.

Are CEOs really out of touch?

Innovations such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing point to more change ahead for the industry but according to our findings not everyone in the c-suite is looking to invest. Firms across the Architecture, Engineering and Consulting industries must first get the basics right before worrying about the future.

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How do decision-makers feel about emerging tech?


of CEOs state they won’t be investing in any emerging technology over the next 5 years


of CEOs say maintaining an innovation portfolio will be a top business development priority in five years


of Heads of Delivery/Project Managers expect to invest across emerging technologies

“Focus on the basics – but there’s no hiding place from the transformative effects of AI, big data and cloud computing.”

Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry

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