Don’t Be a Project ERP Dummy: ‘What is so different about CRM for Project-Based Firms?”
Deltek is proud to have recently released a new book to help organizations understand the benefits derived from utilizing Project-Based ERP solutions.  The new book is part of the ‘For Dummies book series’.

We conducted our 2nd webinar with the author to preview ‘Why CRM for Project-Based organizations so Unique’

Now, you can view an archived recording of the webinar and also receive a FREE Digital Copy of Project ERP for Dummies.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • About determining whether you have enough work to keep all your people employed and busy
  • How to confirm that you have all of the right resources for all of the work to which you could potentially commit
  • If projects are in your company’s DNA, you can benefit from this book and preview webcast

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