Government Contracts & Investments for 2017-2018

Onvia’s market analysis team sizes up the business-to-government (B2G) market for infrastructure in this special report designed for vendors who are strategically invested in pursuing government contracts in areas such as water, energy, architecture, engineering and construction.

Infrastructure contracting is seeing a new wave of attention and positivity as historical underinvestment in the sector is starting to turn a corner. Recent proposals coming from the White House to inject upwards of $1T in funding for infrastructure projects and $200B in state and local approved projects in November 2016 are just a few examples of why vendors and procurement staff have good reason to be optimistic about the prospects of getting to work.

If your day-to-day responsibilities involve identifying government contract leads for infrastructure and distributing them to sales reps or if your duties entail designing a B2G strategy for your firm – this report will help to provide a sense of the abundance opportunity available in the government market.

Request your complimentary copy of the report today to get:

  • The reasons why the outlook for infrastructure contracts in government is healthy and growing
  • A map displaying a nationwide index of states that have the highest volumes of large planned projects starting in 2017-18
  • Industry analysis for water, energy, architecture, engineering and construction including the distribution of bids, RFPs, awards and the pipeline of planned projects
  • Structure type analysis for roads, bridges, tunnels, airports & aviation, ports & waterways, utilities & dams, education facilities and civic & cultural buildings including the distribution of bids, RFPs, award sizes, notable project examples and the pipeline of planned projects
  • Buyer analysis for state agencies & universities, local governments and education agencies including bids, RFPs, award sizes, buyer type examples and the pipeline of planned projects

This research is a must-have for all strategic planners and bid desk operators at firms who have a strategic investment in pursuing infrastructure contracts in the public sector. Download your complimentary copy today and grow your government sales revenue with data and insights from Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS).