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Supporting your Project-based Business at Every Stage

Manage and deliver projects efficiently and with 25-30% better margins.

Successful projects rely on every stage of their lifecycle going to plan. From the initial win to managing scope and delivering on time and at a profit. But how can you gauge success? What do optimal processes look like and how do you gauge the financial and efficiency gains in deploying them? Plus, how long will it take to analyze project data?

Keeping track of every stage of a project isn’t easy, and recognizing the perfect ingredients for success may not be clear. That’s why Deltek has provided a ‘best of’ series of guides to help you better manage your people and processes, so you can see the bigger picture as it happens. You can track, allocate and manage more accurately with real-time information. Your projects run smoother, they’re delivered on time, and you get the insights to see what’s working well and what’s not.

The ‘best of’ advice below is inspired by the latest research and industry best practices. It reveals the benchmarks, strategies and training plans of the industry’s best professional services firms, and how they’re using it to strengthen their business for maximum gain.

  • 25-30%
  • Better Project
  • 8-10%
  • Increase in Staff
  • 20-24%
  • Reduction in
    IT Costs

Source: Deltek Nucleus ROI report, Nov 2015

Best practice reports

Deltek is the preferred ERP partner to the world’s leading professional services firms, large and small. Our clients continue to deliver successful projects that, in turn, drive the success of their own businesses. Discover how with the following modules or download all of them at once:

Win  – Change Your Pitch Approach For Increased Wins

Win  – Create Winning Client Relationships

What helped you win your successful pitches? Was it getting the right people involved at the right time to create the highest quality proposal? Or was it because you got the price right for the scope? Our practical advice on strong pitch preparation will help you target the right projects for more success and nurture long term, profitable client relationships.

Maintain Consistency And Quality Across All Projects

Manage  – Maintain Consistency And Quality Across All Projects

No two projects run the same, and effectively managing all project stages with the right resource can be complex and time consuming. Discover how you can create consistency – delivering on time and on budget with every project.

Nurture Talent To Positively Affect Business

Develop  – Nurture Talent To Positively Affect Business

Transform your business through optimized resource and project management processes to ensure you deliver your best work to clients, every time. This program will enable you and your business to streamline processes, remove wastage and surpass clients’ expectations - profitably.

Be In Total Control Of Your Financial Position

Deliver  – Be In Total Control Of Your Financial Position

Some projects produce good margins, others burn budgets. Knowing every aspect of a project and how much it costs can be a challenge, but with a better understanding of what’s involved at every stage and knowing how you can be more efficient with processes, you’ll soon be in total control of your finances.

See How Well Your Hard Work Is Paying Off

Measure  – See How Well Your Hard Work Is Paying Off

Your business is directly affected by the way projects are run. But do you have the means to track and pinpoint what works and what needs to change? Delving into the detail can uncover vital information that can help deliver consistently better projects.

The Best Of The Best – How Do You Compare?

The Best Of The Best – How Do You Compare?

How did the top performing consulting firms of 2016 achieve their success? What are they doing and what lessons could you learn? Download our Best of the Best report to find out their secrets and benchmark your own firm against industry peers?

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What you will get:

  • Create winning client relationships for your project centric-businesses
  • Manage projects with total confidence
  • Prioritize employee development and see your project-centric business thrive
  • Create project efficiency while delivering profitability
  • Become a market leader with informed decision making
  • Secrets of the top performing professional services firms