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Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study

    From 634 responses across more than 100 questions, the 8th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study continues to expand our understanding of long-term trends. This year we found:

  • Investments in business development paid off with a win rate rise of 2.6 points
  • Overall net profit fell 2 points while growth hit a 7 year low
  • Firms point to inexperienced project managers for their dip in KPIs
  • Talent Acquisition is the #1 most expensive HR business process
  • Number of hours spent on audits tripled and FTEs devoted to external audits doubled in large companies
  • 67% of firms have applications in the cloud, spiking from 25% last year

Download the full report for free to learn about the most recent Business Development, Program Management, Finance, Compliance, Human Capital Management, and Information Technology trends in government contracting, including performance benchmarks and historical analysis.

“Deltek Clarity not only helps us better our historical performance, but allows us to compare ourselves to the best in the industry to see how we are doing. That helps us really drive towards exceptional performance.”

Insights. Benchmarks. Trends. Experiences.

The 8th Annual Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study is an informative snapshot of today’s government contracting landscape.
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Finance, Operational & Compliance Trends

On Demand: 8th Annual Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study

This executive level webinar will help you benchmark your 2016 results to your peers, help you understand what others are doing to overcome business challenges and provide input into both your short and long term business strategies.

Finance, Operational & Compliance Trends

On Demand: Financial Metrics, Operational & Compliance Trends

Get an in-depth view into the Clarity financial metrics and operational and compliance trends that matter most, plus insight into the best solutions to manage the complete spectrum of your project life cycle.

Information Technology Trends

On Demand: Information Technology Trends

Get more details into the IT trends experienced by leading government contractors, plus see how firms are harnessing technology to boost their business and comply with complex government requirements.

Human Resources Trends

On Demand: Human Capital Management

Gain insight on the latest trends in HR and learn how to quickly overcome industry challenges, from acquiring new talent to retaining and developing existing talent.

Project Management & Risk Trends

On Demand: Business Development Trends

Get more information on the BD challenges and successes industry leaders are seeing, plus details on solutions you can use to grow your business and bottom line.

Business Development Trends

On Demand: Project Management & Risk Trends

A firm’s understanding of the correlation between project management and risk have shown positive impact on their KPIs. Gain insight on the top trends in project and risk management, and find out what it takes to stay cutting edge.

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