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WorkBook Agency Management System

One tool to manage projects and finances across all agency operations

Nucleus Research found that agencies were able to consolidate their disparate systems by replacing them with WorkBook, simplifying their technology environment and streamlining processes, saving businesses between 5% and 12% on project management.

A Centralized View of Agency Operations

Better Visibility & Collaboration

Visibility into every project, every resource, every dollar at every minute of the day

Automate Workflow Management

Eliminate siloed departments burdened by manual processes to increase operational efficiency

Streamline Invoice Processing

Shorten the billing process, increase cash flow, and get paid more quickly

"We've been able to reduce our administrative operations by 50%. WorkBook reduces the time spent on reporting and data management while preventing any mishaps. It's the best solution on the market – no other system delivers the same competencies."

Peter Schmidt, Partner, Ad People

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