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Improved Visibility, Insight and Control with Deltek Ajera

Discover the benefits of implementing a project-based accounting system

Generic accounting solutions fall short of providing the functionality that Architecture & Engineering firms need to be successful.
And when your projects = profits, you need a solution that just works. Read on to see why hundreds of A&E firms like yours are making the switch from QuickBooks to Deltek Ajera, an integrated accounting and project management solution
designed for project-based businesses.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with project reporting.

  • Are your project reports compiled manually? Are they data heavy and hard to interpret? See how project managers at The M Group gained real-time access to project information, including budgets and schedules to help drive PM accountability.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with client invoicing.

  • Does your current system’s lack of functionality lead to inaccurate data, delays
    in billing and/or a cumbersome billing review process? See how NK Architects reduced their billing cycle by 85% and were able to process 60% more invoices per month
    without adding administrative staff.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with employee scheduling.

  • Are you building and managing employee schedules in Excel? Do you know
    if your staff is being under or over utilized? See how William Tao Associates improved employee scheduling to get better visibility into having the right people on the right
    projects at the right time.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with identifying and winning
    new business.

    Do you know what types of projects are profitable for your business? Are you able
    to easily track proposal status and next steps? See how Martin Control Systems, Inc. integrated their time entry and CRM
    systems to better manage their business.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with accurate time capture.

    Are your employees using spreadsheets
    or paper and pen to record their time?
    Are you leaving valuable profits on the table
    due to inaccuracies in time capture?
    See how Etegent Technologies
    streamlined their processes
    with Deltek Ajera.

  • Problem: My firm struggles with tracking KPIs.

  • Are you aware of what your firm’s net labor multiplier is? How about your average utilization rate, or the average days to collect AR? Tracking not only KPIs, but the right KPIs, is critical to your firm’s growth. See how Apex Engineers, Inc. realized 152% profit growth by moving to an integrated system.

"I wish we had found Ajera when we first started Apex. I can’t help but think about how many thousands of hours we threw away before Ajera was in place. Ajera has undoubtedly helped Apex move into a better position for the future."
– Bryce Crady, PE, Principal

Deltek Ajera can provide your firm with the tools you need to grow your business and increase profitability.

The integrated platform manages all aspects of time entry, project management and accounting, and enables
real-time project information to be shared across the firm.

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