Grow Your A&E Firm: The 2015 Clarity A&E Webinar Series

To grow your A&E firm, you need to know how its performance compares to your peers and competitors. Find out with the complimentary, two-part 2015 Deltek Clarity A&E Webinar series. Evaluate yourself against high, average and low-performing A&E firms in three critical areas:

  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Finance

Everyone that registers will receive a complimentary copy of the 36th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study. Detailing just–released 2014 performance data, the report provides you with succinct analysis of more than 20 A&E–specific KPIs to identify where you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Download the On Demand Webinar: Grow Your A&E Firm: Benchmarking Your 2014 Performance

Register for the first in the 2015 Deltek Clarity A&E Webinar series. You'll get analysis of essential 2014 fiscal year project management, financial and business development performance metrics.

Download the On Demand Webinar: Grow Your A&E Firm: Applying the Clarity 2014 Benchmarks & One Firm’s Experience

Knowing where your A&E firm’s opportunities and challenges lie is a critical first step. To grow your firm, applying benchmarks to improve performance comes next. This complimentary webinar gives you the expertise to succeed!

Our experts will recommend which financial, project management and business development metrics to prioritize to drive growth. And to understand how to implement them, you’ll hear how Niles Bolton Associates uses the data to manage its business.

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