On Demand Webinar: The Value of Tribal Risk Knowledge One might think that to enhance accuracy and project success the entire project team would be involved in creating the project plan. Yet, all too often, the expertise that could help guide a more accurate forecast—and more accurately predict risk and other project success factors—is buried within the team, untapped during the key planning phase.

This presentation introduces the concept of consensus-based risk management, and the importance of including the experience and expertise of the entire project team during the critical risk analysis step of the project. In The Value of Tribal Risk Knowledge on demand webinar, learn how Deltek’s newest risk product facilitates the capturing of this tribal knowledge and enables the incorporation of a collaborative risk register into the schedule risk analysis process.

Highlights Include:

  • The benefits of a collaborative approach to risk management
  • How Kona Risk enables a simplified process for building a collaborative risk register
  • How a consensus-based look at project risk improves forecasting accuracy

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