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Solid Foundations:

Putting Project Controls to Work for You

Solid Foundations: Putting Project Controls to Work for You

19 September, 2018 • 8:00am - 5:00pm GMT
Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, London, WCIV 7EN

No matter the type, there is one thing all projects have in common: they are susceptible to cost overruns and schedule slippage. However, organisations can avoid the negative impacts of unsuccessful projects by implementing and enhancing their project controls.

Join Deltek, its partners and customers for a day of thought leadership, tips, tricks, and case study presentations focused around industry best practices that can help you enrich project delivery and ultimately, your business’ success. We look forward to seeing you there!


Morning Sessions

Welcome & Introductions
Speaker: Natalie Moyes, Regional Director, Deltek and Jason Gilley, Senior Sales Director, Deltek
Driving Project Success: Introduction to Project & Portfolio Management and Deltek Roadmap
Speaker: Jason Kinder, Product Marketing Director, Deltek

It’s no secret that project success is strongly linked to business success. From profitability to company reputation, the effects of just one failed project can be far reaching, making it vital for businesses to have strong project controls. Jason Kinder, Product Marketing Director at Deltek, will share how Deltek’s integrated PPM solutions continue to help drive project success in today’s fast-changing, competitive environment and provide insight into the PPM roadmap for 2018 and beyond.
Change, Change and Yet More Change: Understanding the human condition and harnessing the situation to support solid adoption
Speaker: Catherine Christian, Project Controls Specialist, BAE Air

They say a change is as good as a rest, however those who go through the change process often find organisational change, when coupled with process and toolset change, stressful. Catherine Christian, Project Controls Specialist at BAE Air, will share her experiences during a major internal change project and how extensive stakeholder engagement at all levels helped her division embrace the layers of change that impacted the same teams simultaneously.

Hosting Project Controls in the Cloud: Considerations to mitigate risk
Speaker: Dr Asif Sharif, VP EMEA Strategy, Loadspring

Considering moving your project control applications into the cloud? Unsure of exactly how this can benefit your organisation? Dr. Asif Sharif, VP EMEA Strategy at LoadSpring, will discuss what to consider when comparing an on-premise software installation to a fully-serviced cloud deployment. Learn how this change can alleviate IT concerns surrounding support, performance, security and the ability to adapt quickly to your ever-evolving business. Understand how a truly mobile cloud based solution can set your workforce free, allowing them to concentrate on delivering successful projects with the confidence that their tools won’t let them down when they need them the most.
With 360 Hindsight
Speaker: Lee McDonagh, Project Director, Mace

If I had 360 back when I was delivering on challenging projects how might I have responded differently? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but having tools that give you multiple options to consider in order to execute quickly can be a godsend. Lee McDonagh, Project Director at Mace, will share some of the sticker situations from his project past and how he may have addressed those differently now that Acumen is a part of his tool kit.

Project Controls Analytics: What your senior stakeholders should be asking you and how wInsight can help get them engaged
Speaker: Russell Berkeley, Director, Darbus

Many C-level executives are only interested in the financial bottom line, however there is starting to be a shift in attitude and more of a focus on delivery. Russell Berkeley, Director at Darbus, will share his insights regarding the importance of project controls analytics for senior stakeholder engagement, especially when those senior players may not have much grassroots project experience.

Afternoon Sessions

Streamlining Schedule Submittal: Introducing Acumen Touchstone
Speaker: Rob Edwards, Product Director, Deltek

Wasting valuable time manually evaluating subcontractor schedules to check for missing logic, leads or lags that could delay your project finish? Could you benefit from a central repository for benchmarking schedules and updates? Rob Edwards, Product Director at Deltek, will share how Acumen’s newest module, Touchstone, streamlines the schedule management process to save time, enforce schedule quality and, most importantly, provide unprecedented project insight.

Turning the Tide: How Fuse helped this challenging project reach acceptance after months of client rejection
Speaker: Mick Higgins, Director, Xacom Project Controls

NEC contracting can be a roller coaster for both clients and contractors, especially when it comes to managing the constant change and acceptance within projects. Michael Higgins, Director at Xacom Project Controls, will share the work he and his client undertook to change the tide of one of their mega- projects, bringing their schedule up to and exceeding industry standards.

A Project is Like the Human Body: If you look after the machinery, it will bring you success
Speaker: Sarah Schütte, Managing Director, Schütte Consulting Limited

The UK continues to forge ahead with public sector projects of all shapes and sizes, often with multiple stakeholders, and increasingly with multi-source investors. Such projects must realise tangible benefits that we can all see and feel, and yet, they often hit the headlines for unfortunate reasons. Sarah Schütte, Solicitor-Advocate and Managing Director, at Schutte Consulting Limited will share how to craft your project carefully to manage these factors using the steps of training your body for a marathon as a guide.

Project vs Contract: Clarity around the many guises of change control
Speaker: Larry Potts, Delivery Director, Deltek

Change. It’s an inevitable aspect of every project, but the effects are felt differently among various teams. Larry Potts, Delivery Director at Deltek, will explore how these different types of changes, including contract changes, can impact projects and illustrate how the entire process can be automated with PM Compass to ensure schedule-cost integration is 100% maintained.
Rules for Breaking the Rules
Speaker: Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University

The Project and Programme environment is changing – and fast. Old heirachies, methodologies and command and control systems are simply being swept aside in the rush to deal with increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer at Cranfield University, will look at the latest research undertaken in the field by Cranfield University and then see how the results can practically be applied in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. He will look at complication, project teams and complexity - and along the way learn the rules for breaking the old rules!
Panel, Wrap-Up & Closing
Speaker: Natalie Moyes, Regional Director, Deltek and Jason Gilley, Senior Sales Director, Deltek


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