Project manufacturing and project management work perfectly in unison to provide quality product delivery on time and on budget. Both disciplines are steeped in process and precision, with each step building on the one before it until a product is made and the project is completed.

Project-based companies benefit from both project manufacturing and management to produce unique but similar products with the same software processes while still allowing for customization of the unique project. The challenges some of these types of companies may face, however, are materials management, financial organization, and manufacturing execution.

Inspired by the Project Manufacturing for Dummies book, this webinar series will focus on the challenges of project manufacturing and how to overcome them, improving lean manufacturing, and uncovering MES and quality best practices for the project manufacturer.

Register below for one or all of the webinars in this three-part series to learn how to make the best of your project manufacturing practices while adhering to industry compliance regulations.

Best Practices for Project Manufacturing (MES and Quality)
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Time: 11:00 am ET

Are you a project manufacturer weighing concerns about compliance requirements or Lean Manufacturing Principles? Does having the right process and audit controls in place for your manufacturing project keep you up at night? The benefits of Costpoint’s Project Manufacturing are helping drive efficiencies in engineering, planning, production and quality assurance for companies just like yours every day.

Find out how Costpoint makes it easier to gain complete and accurate project information for complex project manufacturing environments.


Tom Bouska
Solutions Architect

Rafael Perez
Senior Principal Solutions Engineer


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