New Report: Insight to Action

The Future of the Professional Services Industry
Decision-makers across the Architecture, Engineering and Consulting industries discuss the challenges they are facing and what they are doing to prepare for the future.

Balancing Past, Present, and Future »

Our report shows that to remain competitive firms must actively embrace technical and cultural innovations to retain their position in the industry. Discover how your peers are preparing for the challenges ahead.

Regulatory Risk: The Elephant in the Room »

Many of the decision-makers we spoke to feel unprepared for regulatory risk when, in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, compliance is becoming harder to achieve. What actions should your firm be taking?

Emerging Tech: Are CEOs in Denial? »

Technology is having an unprecedented impact on Architecture, Engineering and Consulting firms yet our report shows that investing in emerging technology is low on the c-suite’s priority list. Is your CEO in touch with the needs of your business?

Taming Project Complexity »

Dealing with project complexity and the changing behavior of clients is one of the key challenges for professional services firms. How can you deliver more, at a faster rate and lower cost whilst remaining competitive?

People Planning in a Time of Shortage »

Talent management has become one of the biggest challenges for professional services firms. Firms need the right staff at the right time to execute projects well. But globally they face skill shortages that technologies are not ready to fill.

Protecting Margins Under Threat »

New market entrants are blossoming, innovative technologies are disrupting the market and regulatory and talent-management challenges won’t simply go away. Firms that are prepared will be better placed to retain market share and drive profitability.