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Deltek PIM provides project management and collaboration tools designed to help employees access critical project information so they can keep teams connected throughout the entire project lifecycle. And, it goes beyond the project.

The Key Differentiators of PIM

There’s no reason to live in the past or be confused by alternative facts when it comes to evaluating a project information management (PIM) solution. Here’s what you need to consider.

Enterprise Information Management

Go beyond the project and get control of all of your company’s information

Built For User Adoption

Don’t get stuck with a system user’s avoid. Ensure you have a system with an intuitive, user interface that is easy to use

Field Management

Arm your team with the access and tools they need, wherever they may need them

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

Some AEC specific-solutions, such as Newforma, focus only on projects and provide a light-weight, high-cost system that is simply an overlay to your existing network folders. While this approach may look slick in a demo and appear easy to put in place, it leaves the door open for users to continue their old habits by circumventing Newforma’s challenging interface. With poor user adoption, Newforma often becomes just another system adding to the chaos of displaced data management.

Go Beyond Projects

Deltek’s PIM goes beyond the project and offers enterprise-wide file management that helps you get control of your projects and your organization in a single solution. With a full-featured information management system that ensures user adoption, you can count on real returns on your investment with Deltek PIM.
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Better Field Management

Other solutions claim to have mobile productivity tools but they pale in comparison to Deltek PIM’s full suite of field management capabilities, all included in one single app. Not only can you access information and log data, you can use Deltek’s mobile tools to create project documents right from your device.

  • Access to all critical project files
  • Full team directory
  • Site reports with progress photos
  • Client punch lists and much more!

Integrated is the Better Way

The integration of PIM with Vision and Ajera helps drive user adoptibility and data integrity. Streamline your business into one single location and optimize your investment in PIM.

“We saw a need to assure the quality of our work and to gather all our existing processes in one, integrated system. One of the many strengths of Deltek PIM is that it allows us to use the information we gather in one single place for different purposes across the entire business. This helps us improve our collaboration and productivity, and keeps our project files secure and accessible at all time.”
- Patrik Ytterman, Managing Director, Ytterman Projekt