Get Behind the Wheel of GovWin Opportunity Assessment (GovWin OA)!

How many more quality opportunities could you pack into your pipeline if you could get through the evaluation and qualification process faster?

Take a test drive of the GovWin’s new analytics tool purpose-built to get you to the bid/no-bid decision faster. GovWin OA uses a proprietary logic model to evaluate 10 factors that influence winning a bid. By analyzing answers to a series of capture questions, GovWin OA produces a score bar marked with indicators of your strengths and weaknesses, in addition to a probability of win (Pwin), making your bid/no-bid decisions far more objective and much easier!

Additional benefits include:

  • Standardize your opportunity evaluation process
  • Learn areas of strength/weakness
  • Determine probability of win
  • Make better use of your limited bid and proposal dollars
  • Share results with your business development team.

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