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White Paper:

How Project Controls Teams Can Have Full Traceability into Project Information

Data traceability is defined as “the ability to trace application, location, and history of an activity or item by means of recorded data.” It sounds simple; however, project controls teams know it is very challenging in actuality, and the results of poor visibility can be devastating to a project. Failed audits, overruns from scope oversights, and uninformed decision making are just a few of the consequences project teams suffer from if they do not have full traceability into their project management data.

Download this white paper to explore the four simple steps you can follow to eliminate your data collection challenges achieve complete traceability at your organization.

Highlights include:

Understand what goes into the foundation of data traceability

Explore the four key steps required to achieve complete traceability, no matter your organization’s size or project maturity level

Discover the simple, yet effective ways to satisfy data traces for audits