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Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study

    From 582 responses across over 100 questions, the 7th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study continues to expand our understanding of long-term trends. This year we found:

  • Net Profit climbed to 10% while Growth Rate climbed to 11%
  • External audits and cybersecurity enforcement are going to increase
  • Top Talent Management challenges center around retention of employees
  • Data security is the # 1 challenge facing contractors
  • New markets, customers, and product lines are sought for diversification

Download the full report for free to learn about the most recent Business Development, Program Management, Finance, Compliance, Talent Management, and Information Technology trends in government contracting, including performance benchmarks and historical analysis.

“Deltek Clarity not only helps us better our historical performance, but allows us to compare ourselves to the best in the industry to see how we are doing. That helps us really drive towards exceptional performance.”

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GovCon Clarity Infographic

7th Annual Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Infographic

Insights. Benchmarks. Trends. Experiences.

The 7th Annual Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study is an informative snapshot of today’s government contracting landscape.
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