Snapshot of the UK Architecture Industry 2016

Potentially great times are ahead but life as an architect is still a balancing act

For UK architects, 2016 appears to be a year when opportunity is plentiful.

But do you know how capitalise on the opportunities available?

In this snapshot, we draw on the experience of some of the industry’s most influential leaders and propose theories of how you can prosper in opportunistic times.

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4 Things you’ll learn from this industry snapshot

Why it’s important to be selective over projects

How to charge a fair price for what you deliver

How to find and retain the right talent

How to improve your operational business for the better

There was a tendency to focus on what we were known for and our market share in those areas, as much as anything. As we come out of recession we are increasingly saying, well, there’s more opportunity out there.
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Snapshot of the UK Architecture Industry 2016

Read on to find out how UK architects are intending on making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead and tackling challenges brought by an increasingly digitalised and global marketplace.