Snapshot of the UK Consulting Industry 2016

On the whole, life as a consultant is good. But there are still issues to overcome.

How will you handle the challenges and opportunities 2016 will bring?

In this snapshot, we look at what some of the leading UK consultancy practices are doing to keep their competitive edge. Drawing on a range of experiences and opinions we’ll show how others in your industry are addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Download this Consulting industry snapshot today to learn how your peers will respond to the biggest issues affecting the industry.

4 Things you’ll learn from this industry snapshot

How to win more profitable business in 2016

How to find and retain the right talent

How you can become a technology trailblazer

How to increase your profit margins and grow your Consulting firm

Clients right across the board want to improve customer experience, achieve operational efficiencies, address the challenges of new entrants, take advantage of new business models and capitalise on their existing markets.
Download the 2016 Snapshot of the UK Consulting Industry
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Snapshot of the UK Consulting Industry 2016

Download this snapshot report to find out how UK Consultants are going to make the most of the opportunities and tackle the challenges that lie ahead in a thriving industry.